In searching of alternative to MS Visio for Mac and PC with ConceptDraw PRO


Many of us use MS Visio frequently at work in all Windows environment, but to run Visio on Macintosh we had to install a virtual machine to emulate PC, which made work difficult and slow a great deal. It should seem that solution is quite difficult to find. But there is always an alternative. ConceptDraw from CS Odessa has been developed to satisfy all your needs as an alternative product to Visio.


If you have heard from many people that they frequently faced difficulties with sharing their MS Visio documents among Mac users, be sired that there were no ConceptDraw PRO users among them.


ConceptDraw users do not meet such problem, because they can work on Macintosh with a document created on PC and vice versa. Now many users find ConceptDraw PRO the best analog of Visio for Macintosh. If you prefer working in Macintosh environment, then ConceptDraw PRO is your choice.



The advantages of ConceptDraw PRO over Visio for you:


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility;
  • Compatibility with MS Visio;
  • Powerful Drawing and diagramming Tools;
  • Huge Set of Object Libraries;
  • Advanced Presentation Capabilities;
  • Park of Specific Solutions for Businesses;
  • Flexible licensing policy;
  • Reasonable Price;
  • Free technical support;
  • Free online Visio Files Converter from VSD to ConceptDraw PRO (CDDZ) format.


With the introduction of Visio 2013 Microsoft has changed the native file format used in earlier versions of Microsoft Visio. Thus, when you are looking for professional tool to open and save in the newer Visio 2013 file format on Mac, ConceptDraw PRO 11 is exactly solution for you. ConceptDraw PRO 11 file import and export works roundtrip with the new Visio VSDX file format and supports the Improved import of VDX file format.


In addition to the above, we would like to give opinions of some users who have already switched from Visio to ConceptDraw PRO:


"I choose ConceptDraw PRO because it was the closest to Visio on the Mac side. ConceptDraw PRO has all of the features I need and can output as a Visio file if needs to be..." - says Kris Rockwell, Hybrid Learning Systems

"The main reason I switched is that I moved from a PC to Mac and currently there is no version Visio for Mac. And installing virtual PC etc. etc. was just too much of a hassle..." - says Randolph Jacinto

"Visio has become quite complicated and it turns out that UML diagrams are easier to create with ConceptDraw PRO. Visio has some strange behavior that, I think, is related to integrating with modeling tools such as Rational, etc. I just want a diagramming software and nothing more! Another reason is I like the Apple OS X operating system very much. I've been a long-time Window's user (and software developer) and I'm tired of the same old thing, I suppose. In general, the software for Apple platform seems nicer and easier to use..." - says Andrew Joseph.

"The main reason for the switch is my switch from a PC to a Mac computer. I have tried OmniGraffle Pro and found that it wasn't the perfect replacement. I am still playing with the ConceptDraw PRO draw capabilities. One thing that Visio does extremely well ( better than any other diagram product that I have seen) is that you can cut and paste the diagram into a Word.doc and it looks perfect. That is not true of Graffle Pro and quite frankly not really the case with ConceptDraw PRO from what I can tell. ConceptDraw PRO does have some nice templates and useful features. I will continue to use it and evaluate the capabilities. The ability to go back and forth between PC and Mac and Vision and ConceptDraw is an important capability..." - says John Latham.PhD, Managing Partner, GENITECT LLC.



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