Floor Plans


Making floor plans involves many different elements that can be managed using ConceptDraw PRO. The ability to design different floor plans is delivered by the Building plans section of the ConceptDraw Solution Park.


Sample 1: Restaurant Layout Plan


A restaurant floor plan need to be both efficient to staff and visitors. It should take into account seating efficiency and customers’ requirements. This sample restaurant floor plan can be used to analyze certain restaurant's needs before initiating the design process.The sample restaurant floor plan was created using Cafe and Restaurant solution that can be found in "Building Plans" section of the ConceptDraw Solution Park.


project-management-flowchart -created-with-ConceptDraw-PRO


Sample 2: Office Floor Plan


Designing the efficient office space is an essential factor of business productivity. An office floor plan should accumulate the needs of both employees and customers. Cubicles office layout determines a standard of a work space for employer. This sample floor plan of a cubicle office layout can help to find out a particular office layout where each employee would be most productive within the office environment.


cross functional flowchart created with ConceptDraw PRO




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