Entity Relationship Diagrams


A number of data modeling techniques are being used today. One of the most common is the entity relationship diagram (ERD). ERD is a data modeling technique that graphically illustrates the entities of an information system and the relationships between entities.


Sample 1: Crow’s Foot Entity Relationship Diagram


Crow’s Foot is the most commonly used ERD notation. It’s good for a clean look when there are many attributes, such as a model of a complex database system.

entity relationship diagram diagram created with ConceptDraw PRO


Sample 2: Entity Relationship Diagram Using Chen's Notation


This sample ER diagram is build using Chen's original notation. In this ERD, entities are represented by a box and relationship types are symbolized by a diamond. The ER diagram is created using the Entity Relationship Diagrams solution that can be found in Software Development section of the ConceptDraw Solution Park.


data flow diagram created with ConceptDraw PRO




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