What are the advantages of ConceptDraw PRO that makes it perfect MS Visio replacement?



Cross-Platform Compatibility

The main advantage, of course, is that ConceptDraw PRO is cross-platform software. That means it can be run both on PC, and on Apple Macintosh!


Import Visio files

If you are using ConceptDraw PRO v10, you can freely open Visio 2013 VSDX file format. In case you use Visio 2010, we have good news for you - ConceptDraw PRO v9 and later supports import of Visio files, using XML (VDX) format. Thus, working with ConceptDraw PRO, you can keep all your documents, created in Visio.


Export to Visio file format

Since version 10, ConceptDraw PRO supports the round trip import and export of newest Visio 2013 file format. If you need to exchange graphic documents with people who do not have Visio 2013 or ConceptDraw PRO, use the possibility to save ConceptDraw PRO documents as MS Visio (VDX) files.


Numerous specialized shape libraries

ConceptDraw PRO users, as well as Visio users, have an opportunity to work with numerous external libraries. With ConceptDraw PRO you can create your own objects and libraries to cover your needs.


Advanced Diagramming Tools

A new generation of diagramming tools supports advanced diagramming technologies: RapidDraw, Dynamic Guides, Touch-insert, Live Objects; etc.
This helps you to quickly and easily create professional flowcharts, block diagrams, org charts, and other diagrams.


Powerful Presentation Capabilities

Dynamic presentation uses the technology of live objects to collect external data into single presentation. You can save document as presentation (PowerPointor Adobe SWF formats).


ConceptDraw Solution Park

The value of ConceptDraw PRO goes far beyond the core product. With ConceptDraw Solution Park, you can extend the functionality of ConceptDraw PRO with business-specific solutions


Flexible licensing policy

Licensing Policy for ConceptDraw products is very flexible. It allows single user to install software on both Macintosh and PC, or on computer with cross-platform environment.


Free Visio Files Converter

If you do not have Visio available, we provide a free file online conversion service that is accessible from our web site, where you can upload  MS Visio (2003-2010) .vsd file(s) for conversion. Our automated service will convert the file to ConceptDraw PRO (.cddz).



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