Used to Work With MS Visio On a PC, But Got a Mac?


“Is there any software for drawing diagrams on Mac like Microsoft Visio? And it would be best if it's compatible with MS Visio.”
“I use Visio to make Flowcharts, UML Class Diagrams and Data Base Diagrams. Is there any program for Mac that do these tasks?”

Such questions are very popular within Macintosh and PC users’ forums and communities. We are acquainted with such a software product as MS Visio, which beyond any doubt, is a powerful and multi-functional tool but it has no Macintosh version. This is a great issue, and you’ll be quite pleased to know about ConceptDraw PRO - the perfect MS Visio alternative that runs natively in both platforms: OS X and Windows.

Many people use the MS Visio as a business graphic creation program. It is a powerful application with advanced ability to support complex solutions.


It's no secret there are no macOS or Linux versions of MS Visio. For years Visio has been using binary VSD format for documents. To interoperate with Visio another application has to be able to open files in Visio own formats. Before introduction of XML-like office document formats in MS Office 2003, Visio has been using VSD for documents. Since Visio 2003 it's a non-default option to save documents in VDX format. Latest Visio 2013 introduces a new file format VSDX that has replaced the Visio binary file format VSD and XML file format VDX.


The ConceptDraw PRO developers team took up an option to close the gap with interoperability for those who need to share MS Visio documents between users of different operation systems.



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